the dawn jean and a 'cardi blouse'........

i fell in love with the dawn jeans when they came in late summer. they are so cool, comfy and different. i love them with a chunky sweater now and in warmer weather a light weight top.
forte forte's 'cardi blouse' was a must have for me so i took both the white & the black. i just love the shape. and, if you're looking to find a beautiful sandal at a steal before season starts. the zisso heel is gorgeous and on sale.
the zipper details on the dawn jeans at the ankle are so cool. the cardi blouse has full sleeves and a band at wrist and waist. so pretty.
how cool are the pocket details on the dawn jeans. so fun.
for winter i styled them with:
dawn jeans (on sale!)
shades sold out.

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