the color of this skirt...............

i'm often surprised when so many people steer away from a beautiful piece of clothing because it's 'too dressy' or 'i don't have anywhere to wear it'. truly, that is NEVER my thought process. you can dress anything up or down. and, it's so much fun to do. the demi skirt is great because it's a casual shape but fun fabric.
and, the glass bangle from annika goes with everything.
i decided to style it like i do most things: a cashmere sweater, cool boots, sweet bag & a hat. the charleston vest is such a great sweater for here as you can wear alone or in other places layered with a cashmere or silk tshirt. and, i try so hard not to wear hats every day but it's not working. 
the jamie boots are from freda salvador and they are a beautiful printed snake. look how cool the yellow works with the gold in the skirt. and, then you need a marian paquette bag. this one is sold but check out the others. 
shop the look by clicking the links below the image:

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