talented mr ripley inspo...............

it's been a long time since i've seen the talented mr ripley. but, i always remember the clothes that gwenyth paltrow wears in the movie. a 1950's italian vibe. i love that look (very audry hepburn in roman holiday). it's not a cute look for me but i just love it.
so i styled miss fletcher with that movie in mind. unfortunately, for jamie, it started to snow....brrrrr. so, the merlette kew skirt was my start. the skirt is high waisted with a very snug waist and then a line flare. i love the sketch print on the skirt. the gym sweater is the perfect classic look for this look. and, we added the 864 bucket bag, naguisa sandals (these are from last year) but we've got a ton of new ones. and, a scarf tied at neck....hello 50's.
elegant. sophisticated. classic. pretty
the girl with the pearl earring hoops and a karen mabon silk scarf. this one is the 'girls' scarf.
these earrings! just love them....baroque meets classic meets a lil j-lo.
stills from the movie....just love the look
if you want, there is the sant josep wrap blouse that matches the kew skirt perfectly. worn together they look more like dress. we added the annika inez glass and brass earrings too.

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