tango anyone.........

this is about as good as my dance moves get....but, i love to get dressed for tango and that's a step right?
so this red rachel comey top i fell in love with. i wondered for months if i would ever wear it because it's cropped, high neck, puff sleeves and lots of gathers. and, because i was questioning it i never even tried it on. yet, i just loved it and kept thinking about it. so, one day i was lazy and just tried it on over a slip dress i happened to be wearing that day and just loved it. even if i only ever wear it over slip dresses i have to have it. so, when it went on sale i grabbed it.
for this shoot i styled it over a vintage slip dress that i've had for years. threw on the amazing and beautiful rachel comey zim boots, a souchi beret and lots of bangles. 
red and black has always seemed bold for me but i decided to try it and layered a bunch of oxidized metal and gold jewelry and thought it was a good mix of feminine and edge.
i'm only ending with this picture because it's so rare that my hair looks like this...so perfect you'd think i just had it done. nope, it was just one of those days that the hair didn't fight you.
if you're living in the aspen valley check out tango lessons from gregor and heather. so much fun....even if you can't dance like me.

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