supersized pants.....part 3

i told you i love bassike's tan linen pleated pant. today i styled them with the perry crop sweater & the planet heel (a few years ago).
i like the lipstick pink perry crop sweater with the tan pants. the planet heel with it's caramel color and pale pink marbles are a great pair of sandals to pair with this look.
the pants are so comfy and the high waist makes all those crop tops and sweaters wearable for those of us who aren't youngsters anymore (....cough cough)
i like that the perry sweater has hand stitch detail at the neck, hem and sleeve to mimic the top-stitching on the pockets of the pants
the details:
krewe shades and straw fedora available in store only
a casual version:
krewe shades (available in store only)
rachel comey earrings (sorry sold out)
alex clutch (sorry sold out)

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