summer shirt dress style........

what's easier than a shirt dress? a cotton shirt dress with waist button attachments so you can wear relaxed or cinched at the waist. the riviera shirt dress from wear cisco is a soon to be favorite of ours. 
here you can see i've pulled the inside waist strap onto one of the two outside buttons on the waist. i love this cotton strip and the baby pink buttons. you can see from the side shot the cool drape effect it gives and slimmer waist. the stripe blue & white gives a summer nautical vibe. so, i added the marissa fisherman heeled sandal and nonchalant haddie clutch to dress up the look. 
on those warmer days when you don't want your clothes fitted then all you need to do is undo the strap and use the buttons down the front. add, the para straw hat in this lovely blush color and you're ready to enjoy a summer day.
shop the look by clicking the images below:

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