strawberry mash up

strawberry, raspberry, watermelon,'s all good
and, to somehow find all these colors in an outfit is magic
souchi's crop kehle cotton (85%) and cashmere (15%) sweater is our fave spring time sweater. it's the perfect layering piece and so light weight.
shown with enza costa's bold long sleeve crew in sangria patina
and, closed denim's crop starlet in camine.
add, a handful of butik metal beads from ethiopia and our glass snake and flower beads from africa. - available at souchi aspen or by phone 970-925-2580
and, the perfect oversized shades in shades of pink.
throw on a pair of awesome leather sneakers with silver studs for a cool factor instead of sweet.
monochromatic looks are elongating and so fun.
if this is too much color trade out the jeans for a cropped wide leg
or switch the tee to a cami and flip flops
happy travels

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