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orange has been one of my favorite colors since i was a little girl. and, at 5 i had orangey red hair and was oh so happy with the hair color & orange clothes. sadly, the hair just got darker and well....now i suppose it will go lighter. but, my love of all shades of orange continues.
here i've layered souchi's renee sweater over an old forte forte silk tunic tank, amo's bella jean and a souchi variegated wrap & a cashmere beanie from 864.
the renee sweater is based off the souchi classic 'gym sweatshirt'. it's the same fit minus the hip band. i, loved the renee so much that you'll see how many different yarns it's available in. the difference between the 'loose renee' and the regular renee is that the body of the loose is knit on a looser tension to give a more relaxed fit. the bella jean is also a favorite of mine. it's high waisted with slim fit through the hip & thigh. if you want them snug take your normal size. if you want a lil room for chips & salsa or margaritas then size up. 
layers of cashmere. 

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