sea ready........

who doesn't love blue? these shades remind me so much of the mediterranean.
peaceful, soothing and oh so pretty with all skin tones.
i love my cashmere bikinis....yes, impractical but isn't that the fun of wearing them?
and, after a day on the water or at the beach a yummy cashmere sweater is perfect for sunset. the crop wilkins is perfect and the blend of cashmere and cotton makes it the perfect weight and so soft.
accessories are key on beach trips! the perfect sunnies and a simple clutch are all i need. sunscreen, lip gloss, cash and a cc are all you need. this surf clutch from lizzie fortunato is so fun and really sets the tone. throw on some shades from krewe and you can't go wrong.
after all, what happens on vacation stays on....wait, no, bring vacation back with you...
special thanks to:
cassie ebner
claire leahy
alicia davis
charlotte grace

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