sea foam stripes..............

graduation plans are everywhere so we got a lil inspired for some collegiate looks.
but, really this is a great spring look in fun colors.
start with the giada forte shimmer shirt as your base and add the slim fit light weight cashmere stripe sweater from giada forte. we liked this sweater with the wide leg clean bishop jeans in khaki from rachel comey. and, of course, the souchi leather back pack from cindy kirk. we are big fans of krewe sunglasses (full collection in our aspen store) and rachel comey earrings are fun and beautiful. these are the split leap.
ali mcgraw circa 2019
same color story with different accessories below:
here the sweater is shown with the lexi paper bag jean and the adams sunglasses in champagne.
souchi wide strap empire cami with the knot sneaker in white and rachel comey's sky earrings. 
you can also trade out the giada stripe sweater for souchi's patched angie sweater, deborah rice turquoise necklace, rachel comey cirque earrings and beautiful violin absinthe leather sandals from naguisa.

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