school daze vibe....

the older i get the more i realize certain pieces are always cool. this look takes me back to college in the 90's. vintage boys trousers that i'd cut short, converse and a black sweater or sweatshirt. loved. but, the best part about getting the fashion upgrade.
now instead of a beat up t-shirt it's a beautiful silk & cotton mens style sheer shirt & the gym sweatshirt in cashmere & linen. add a variegated wrap folded over to look like a scarf.
these pants from maryam nassir are gorgeous. the fabric beautiful with a bit of a herringbone vibe and some stretch. i love this deep dark chocolate bag with black stitching as a contrast to all the navy and black.
for an upgrade to the forever cool converse i choose the knot sneaker. absolutely awesome
now this is a school reunion i can get behind.

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