red, white & blue....happy 4th of july i can't help it....i'm not thrilled with goverment right now. BUT, i want to celebrate what the founding fathers believed in:
freedom, equality & tolerance.
so, i will be focusing on that and celebrating the ideals this country was built on and not the division that is a horrific constant right now.
it's going to be hot and hopefully you're outdoors so grab some cool shades. we have a huge shipment in from krewe so please call aspen boutique or email for the styles/prices
add, a christina lehr striped tee and jaclyn mayer necklace
as late afternoon sets in grab this souchi cotton 'daryl' sweater and an energy drink
we're loving the higher ground dosa high waist jeans with distressing down the side seams and a lil leather minnie pouch for your essentials.
sweet beatle sneakers with silver studs are fun and festive. not to mention super comfy.
if you want to dress it up a bit:
trade out the tee for a silk scoop tank in midnight
and the sneakers for these cobalt slides

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