red overalls? oh yeah, you want these........

rachel comey's meg overalls could be my new favorite piece for spring. bold statement i know....but, they are so cool. and, so easy to style. 
late winter means we still need a sweater and a beanie and for sure we need shades. souchi's crop aldridge sweater is a great choice to layer under the overalls.
i love the low back of the meg's and the belt to cinch. such a cool addition to overalls. a lil way to give shape to something so oversized. 
the nia corset boot with silver eyelets and tiny studs are so cute with the supersized overalls
now, enjoy that sunshine and perhaps some wine outdoors.
so, you don't do overalls? are you sure? ok, if you really don't then how about the crop aldridge with the diy charmer high waist jeans, souchi cashmere scarf with ostrich feather trim and the new anne tote from cindy kirk. 

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