badass in pink......

badass' in pink.....
so here's the thing about pink...... people have strong opinions about it. they say it reminds them of being a lil girl when mom put you in all things pink. then as you got older there were those girls who often wore pink. but, they were never the cool girls but more the preppy girls.. well, pink is the new black and we are all about it.
blondie, kate & riri are all badass women who have worn cotton candy pink & have rocked it. there is nothing sweet about's all cool.
last fall i was in nyc to see the resort & spring collections and when i saw these jeans & sweater i couldn't wait to style them together. overkill? i think not.
adding the cashmere headscarf and super cool shades just adds to the confidence. the women's movement and the power of pink is alive and kicking. it's a color must for your wardrobe right now.
back up the strength with booties and a bit o attitude.
we love a head scarf and these sunnies are a perfect 90's throwback
layer a sheer white cotton/silk blend shirt and leave untucked
details are everything here....the cotton shaker pullover sweater with black buttons is pretty and cool.
pull it all together and go change this world.....

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