pinot, berries and a lil shimmer........

some days require lots of color and when they do i tend to double down.
when wearing super brights i tend to add black accessories. here, we've got the ultimate opaque tights, storm cashmere scarf with ostrich feather trim and a beanie.
the sweater is the wilkins 72 in pinot - swoon for this color. and, the sylvie metallic mini is now on sale and so fun year round.
for me a mini requires heels and when it's freezing out boots are the answer.
another way to wear the pinot color going into spring is to try it as a cardigan and add white jeans and the silk scoop tank in peony. and, of course the mermaid beanie is perfect.
an toned down but glam option for the mini is a silk cami and ruby metallic clutch in gold. for shoes i like these...

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