How to wear pink denim pants for summer

Jeanerica Trevi JeanHow to wear pink denim for summer? Pink denim is a great alternative to white jeans. But, how do you  best style them? I think the easiest way is style them the same way you'd wear your white jeans. And, with the long denim you need some height or heels. But, in the summer comfort is key so I chose the suvi clogs
I decided to be bold with the top by choosing the Helen top from The Odells in an abstract print. It's a crop sleeveless top with a tie at the neck in a crinkle cotton. Because the trevi jeans  pink denim jeans are super high waisted a crop top works just fine. If you're looking for something more classic to style pink denim for the summer then take a look at the tops below.
You can shop other tops to style with pink denim by clicking the images below:

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