a spring floral dress for women.......

all the things i wouldn't usually go for.....short sleeves, semi sheer, ballet pink & a high neck. yet, i'm in love. i think it's the unexpected gingham that makes me smile. no 6 always has a way with me gravitating towards the unexpected. 
for women over 40 a short sleeve is a welcome find. we still want a sexy dress but we don't want it tight or super revealing. we want elegant, sophisticated and pretty. and, if it can be cool even better.
the thalassa dress is the perfect dress for women over 40. sure, any age can wear it but i specifically love if for women over 40.  i love the juxtaposition of the prints and color. the mix of a ditsy print and gingham with an asymmetry in front. there is a draw string at the waist so you can cinch and better define your waist. it's a lil bit sheer so nude lingerie is needed....or do you?
a lil marian paquette clutch & ankle boots adds some edge to the dress. you may wonder why i chose the jamie honey color snake skin boots to go with this look. i chose them for two reasons. the first being because i absolutely love them. and, the other reason is because i view snake skin as a neutral. and if you're a neutral you go with everything! 
shop the look by clicking the images below:

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