not so black and white........

black and white...classics.
but, don't just take the easy way and just throw anything on with it. instead, choose your accessories wisely. today i chose gold & glass.
i love fun accessories. i want to wear earrings more but haven't but want too. it's my fashion resolution. gold is always fun. it can be brash. it can be tacky.  it can be too much. BUT, it can also be perfect. here, my fave soap heel sandal from an hour & a shower in black suede and gold. this shoe elevates everything. a glass bangle from annika inez and the ali pouch from cindy kirk. love.
i do love wearing black and white but i like it to be with unusual pieces like these from rachel comey. otherwise, it ends up looking a lil too 'office'. so choose interesting textures, shapes and play with proportions. who needs boring? not me & not you.

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