one of a kind denim jacket...styled two ways

we love hbg jackets. imagine that perfect vintage levis jacket that's worn in, washed just right and just so happens to have a great fit too. cropped, oversized, classic....doesn't matter, we've got it. then, add mink or mongolian lamb or tons of paint in fun colors. these are all one of a kind. i love how they can be worn casual or dressy. below are two ideas...
this pale bleached out denim has a black mongolian collar that is removable. for night i wanted to let the jacket be the focus. similar styles here.
a classic black tank dress is minimal but perfect. the fabric on the salma dress is so cool because it's form fitting with a little stretch but not clingy.
add these black suede zaha booties with fringe back to mimic the fur collar. if you're a size 6 or 6.5 (they have room because of the pointy toe) then you are lucky as these boots are on super sale
for day...
remove the collar and play up the pastel colors of paint on the jacket. we added these krewe shades in clear and a tricia head scarf.
because i wanted to soften the look i picked the souchi calvin tank top in lemon/voile and the anne tie cardi in ballet.
to pick up the charcoal and black in the jacket i added blackish jeans. i like this because it keeps the look from being too sweet. 
cropped starlet jeans and the black knot sneaker complete the the look.

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