dress, boots & beret......... part 1

souchi's bobble beret & wilkins cotton cashmere sweater.
i love the wilkins crop sweater. it's perfect with most anything. i love to layer it more than wear on it's own. but, i have been known to wear the vests alone with high waisted jeans. i'm currently spying the willa jean from amo. this slip dress is hand dyed using flowers, bark & fruit. stunning. 
and, these gorgeous knee high rachel comey lahara boots in river blue. 
yep, it's one of my favorite color stories. and, slip dresses are one the easiest things to wear. if i'm feeling like i maybe ate a lil too much cake then the wilkins is perfect. but, if i've avoided baking then....read part 2 for the other sweater i like to wear with this outfit.

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