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here's the thing about clothes....they are NOT tattoos!
yep, it's that simple.
try something new. really, just try it. if it doesn't work one of your friends or family members will be thrilled. or, one of the vintage or thrift stores in your hood will.
the point, play with clothes. our moods change and sometimes it's fun to have the clothes match the vibe.
i love these dresses on ladies when i see it. i have a friend who puts this harita dress on with her denim and looks amazing. i love the idea. for me, it's always the boobs.... 'do i look frumpy'
this got me thinking because often in the store i hear us women (and, young girls too) always focusing on the negative.
well....enough.... i figured, at a certain age aren't we suppose to actually acknowledge what we truly look like and NOT what our brain tells us?
so, i have taken up the roll of mother to these young girls. i don't have kids...i'm an animal lover and my nurturing is best shown with them.
however, my lecturing is now 10 fold to girls and women who come into the aspen store. the young ones i usually tell to 'just stop....BECAUSE...you're only going to get older and as you do you will begin to realize how much time you wasted complaining or feeling negative about something that actually looked good.' they usually don't believe me but i say to trust me. i spent so much time making sure my boobs didn't look huge that i never wore crop tops or things fitted. now, i think, wow, so much cute clothes i could have worn.
back to this dress...
no, it's not flattering.
but, it's fun, easy, so comfortable and i can make it look more like me with killer patent boots (rachel comey), a fedora (aspen hat lady) and a souchi cashmere fringe poncho
turns out i love it on me.
this is NOT a look my man will love but i don't care. we'll save it for lunch & margaritas (matsuhisa's peruvian margarita is heaven) with the girls.
some things are for you
some things are for your friends
and, sometimes they're for your love.
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