navy, black, denim and texture.......

spring evening in the mountains.... we want to wear lil tops but then the sun goes down and it can drop 30 degrees. so, we always need cashmere. and, we love our denim.
loup charmant's palma top is perfection. the smocking and ruffled straps are so sweet. but, in navy organic cotton with frayed edges it stays cool instead of prissy.
add the silver chain that can double (as shown) or wear long and single (available aspen boutique).
the open cardi is perfect because it's like a long shrug. it doesn't cover the front so it doesn't look or feel bulky. add a leather fold over clutch.
similar look above. you get the same gorgeous palma top and necklace (available aspen boutique). but, these are a high waist slim fit cropped jean in a blue mineral wash. and, the love we have for the juno wedge can't be beat. a petrol color that is somewhere between black, navy and green. trust us they are amazing. cindy kirk leather pouch in blue metallic. st louis shades from krewe (check out our selection at the aspen boutique). annika inez indented hoops we have in both silver and gold.
some favorite navy pieces:
our meg cashmere fringe tank in bombay
the larsen wallet in black/cobalt
skinny pusher high waist skinny jeans
awesome blue boots - sorry sold out
st louis krewe sunglasses
giovanna torrico cobalt sequin earrings

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