more wine, pink and burgundy please......

as you know...i LOVE color. and, the older i get the more i like it. i think it brightens the skin and can lift a mood. todays look is a mix of old and new. and, in this case, what's old is classic and still being made. that's well means your wardrobe never goes out of style. you just style it in new ways to keep it modern.
here's the new rose carpenter jeans (aka painter pants - love!) with frisky heels (if you're a 6 or 6.5 steal these on our super sale) with fishnet socks. souchi's funnel cardi cape in a color from about 5 years ago. we do have a few colors on sale so check it out. enza costa cashmere cuffed v in berry with the tunic layer tank underneath in a bright fuscia. if you know souchi, you know we love enza costa and stock these pieces year round in new colors. you can see the cashmere cuffed v's (those thumbholes!) here and the tunic layer tanks here. but, i'd also shop the entire collection here.
i love painter pants. i like them a bit relaxed but because i'm a wee 5'3 it means heels! add a lil cuff to show off the shoes. when ordering these take your usual size. they will feel snug at first but will relax with wear.
i mean if this look doesn't make you happy then i'm thinking you need to take another look.
happy feet. happy jeans. happy sweater. happy life.

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