modern fringe.....

i love fringe.
i loathe fringe.
let me explain
i love the movement and texture of fringe
i loathe cheap, pointless & obvious fringe
this coat and dress is the perfect example of why i love fringe.
this gorgeous quadro dress from zeta is a subtle but fun way to wear fringe. pretty alone, with a white denim jacket, fringe poncho or a leather jacket. in this case, i added the linen embroidered laura siegel jacket.
pull the jacket off your shoulders to reveal the cami straps with pearl buttons. love the quiet of this look. fun, playful & pretty . the only punch are the insane shoes. but, we all need to play in warm weather.
when wearing one color i say pop with the shoes. these maribel cage heels are so comfortable that you will wear all the time.
layer 2 necklaces from deborah rice (in store now and on our site SOON). 
for a more casual day, lose the embroidered jacket and grab a jean jacket or a souchi cardigan.
now you're ready....
happy spring/summer.

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