plaid heels & a plaid vest.........

after 10 years of living in the mountains, i am rarely wearing my stillettos. but, every now and again a girls got do what a girls gotta do. add, jeans and an oversize sweater and it works for the mountains and the city. 
caution: avoid cobble stone streets
these dolce & gabbana beauties are a plaid corduroy corsage stiletto. i can't be sure but i'm thinking 1999 or 2000. i'm wearing the baylin jeans and they are one of my favorite styles. they really do know how to show off a shoe.
this plaid corduroy vest from maryam nassir zadeh i had to order for the store a few years ago because it reminded me of the dolce heels. and, i am someone who doesn't hang on to clothes/shoes. i tend to give a lot away every few years. the perk of making sweaters and owning a store. but, i figured if i kept those heels for 20 years then chances are i'd wear this vest just as long. add in the annie hall vibes and it's a keeper. instead of a blazer i opted for the souchi mary kate cardi.

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