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now that's a philosophy i can get behind.....
i was reading the 'art of style' section of porter magazine and loved the story on jane birkin 'the woman behind the season' and felt a kinship.
yes, everyone who loves fashion most likely has been inspired by this iconic french woman. i always found it interesting that the 'birkin bag' was so structured and classic while the woman it was named after was irreverent and not classic. however, i guess her style has become classic to hip girls everywhere.
denim, tees, cool shoes, mini's and great accessories.
but, what i loved & connected to most was what she said...
'there's no fun in a bag if it's not kicked around...'
i have always felt that way about 'things'. no matter how much i love something, covet it, or save to own it....once i have it...it's mine. and, it is no longer precious. i want to live in the things i buy...i want them to go along with me on my journey. i don't care if they get scratched, scarred or beat up...it's part of the journey.

i remember when i first went overseas my mom bought me a leather backpack. i was obsessed and wanted one so badly. after about 2 hours of sitting at LAX my friend spilled her coke all over my new bag. there was that split second of 'OMG' but then i thought this is the first of many stories this backpack will tell... i couldn't wait for it to be 50 years old. it's almost 29 now....

i love this straw basket purse that she continually used. can you imagine where this basket traveled?

i loved that most think of a straw basket as a summer bag.... not jane...

it was season-less and i love that!

straw with fur and a bakery box....well how does one pull that off? confidence and loving the piece so much you can't NOT wear it. love that even more.


the lesson:

wear your 'things' and let them live & travel with you....we all have many stories to tell






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