lounging in luxury....

lounge clothes.....a term that has come to mean anything and everything
but, to me....it means comfort. something i can wear all day while chilling out around the house. 
now, this is luxe lounge...silk robe style jacket and i added a fox fur collar (it is winter and i live in the mountains). throw on a loose fit girlfriend jean and fitted rib tank top.
remember the 40's screen sirens in their silk robes and night gowns and cigarettes? i loved how glamorous it was. i don't know anybody today who dresses like that but maybe..... beyonce? rihanna? madonna?
this is a modern take on that look. i can imagine adding heels for evening or brogues for day. it's the details that add to the look. the print of this jacket and black silk collar and sash...swoon.
so, grab your comfy clothes and start wearing them around the house. that silk dress you don't wear out enough....maybe grab an oversized cashmere cardi and cozy up on the couch with a good book.

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