lilac, prints AND a dress that's the perfect spring jacket......

you know that frustration in the spring/summer when it's a beautiful day outside and you want to wear a light summer dress. BUT, it's still a lil too cool in the morning and late afternoon that you need a bit of coverage. however, none of your jackets seem to work. well, i've got a solution! unbutton your shirt dresses and turn them into a spring maxi jacket. the giada forte dress is perfect for this.
airy, light, pretty and offers some escape from the sun. here i added the kes minimal tank dress in a beautiful print in shades of pink, blues and greys. this dress also comes in a tank top. because it's spring and we all want to be outside and walk i figured white on white sneakers were the way to go. 
add the clear glitter candy belt and orchid glass sphere ring for some fun.
look at the close up of this belt. just love it.
add this leather bucket back because it's just that cute. a clever lady in aspen asked me if it's a champagne holder.....SURE, WHY NOT!!
or button up this dress, add the slip that comes with it, sweet shades and some flip flops and you've got another great option.
when summer is not quite here and there's still a lil chill in the air....we say, throw a long sleeve tee under the tank dress, add boots, shades and pretty earrings

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