lavender the best way

the holidays....
so many things to do and so many places to go. if you're a long time reader you know i loathe work out clothes for anything but workout. so many things are comfortable why would you want to wear gym clothes all day.
case in point: 
please meet weekend lounge that is cool, cozy & luxe.
layer a cashmere cropped turtleneck sweater over a ribbed long sleeve fitted top and pair it with the coziest lounge pants. add, sneakers because you've got things to do and running in heels isn't as easy in the winter.
sweet shades with a lavender lens (available in store only) and our fave knot sneaker in white on white. beautiful.
it's all in the details when you layer a monochromatic look.
if monochromatic isn't your thing we also love this look:
with these heartbreaker jeans and pink booties
or, if you're all about the lounge and staying in to cozy up with a great book try the easy raglan dress with the sweats.

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