aspen zen....

anyone reading this who knows me is cracking up right now....
yes, not proper meditation attire ..... but is there really a dress code?
i keep hearing about 'take a breath' or 'deep breaths' 
and, it's true it really does help to ground you. so while doing this shoot (i loathe getting my pic taken - but all my models were traveling....) i thought it'd be a cute photo.
back to's the thing....
i love cool clothes but i always want them to look like they're mine. comfort meets confidence is the way to achieve this. if you're constantly fussing with something - give it away. 
seriously! because you'll be miserable every time you wear it.
this perforated leather tunic (one left and on sale!) is SHORT.... it's a tunic BUT, i am only 5'3 so...what the hell, add commando opaque tights and all is ok.
the cardigan is my fave 'robe'. it's named the suzi's rare i name something after me BUT i love this. it's long, lean, ridiculously long sleeves and so cozy.
these incredible boots are from martin margiela 2011 or 2012 collection
and, adding my favorite zeus hat. this one is at least 6 years old. i rarely wore it when i lived in portland. but, here in aspen it's what i wear every single morning on my morning hikes. it's a double layered beanie that then folds up and cuffs around the ears....meaning 4 ply of heaven to keep my ears and head warm.
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