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how to dress in aspen........

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many women come to souchi while they are visiting and ask me how to dress in aspen. it's one of my favorite questions to answer since merging my own style with how to dress in Aspen was an adjustment when I first moved here. as most of us do, we pack our favorite things when going on a trip. however, aspen's style is unique so usually the ladies are needing something that they didn't pack. the perception is that this 'billionaire's playground' is fancy. hate to break it to you but, it's not. keep reading for the good news....



i have my own personal style of course, like everyone. however, i love an alter ego when traveling. i like to pay homage to the city, town or island i’m in by letting the local attire inspire how i dress while visiting.


when going to nyc, i am packing MANY of my sky-high stilettos, slip dress and cocktail rings (shout out to my treats from elliott yeary gallery) for sipping Cosmopolitans (yes, i am drinking them again) after a long day at the trade shows.


when in LA, i seem to always buy white and colorful, eccentric accessories to work with my favorite jeans. perfect for a road trip to santa barbara with friends.

 but back to the lovely little mountain town i call home....aspen.



aspen is a casual cosmopolitan hub whose population expands and contracts with the seasons. and, there is a heavy emphasis on sports (winter & summer) and being outdoors is our way of life.

however, i spend most of my time in my shop with locals and travelers. as some of the travel blogs might lead you to believe most don't spend an inordinate amount of time in i said we are outdoors being social. so my interpretation of aspen fashion goes way beyond parkas and ski boots.



the things to remember when you’re deciding how to dress in sspen are the following: casual, cozy, and something eclectic like this souchi hand loomed hooded poncho or fringe poncho. you can choose the colors!


save your mcqueen bias dress for another amazing city – not this mountain town....aspen style isn't “formal.” trade your stiletto's and dressy dresses for cashmere,  denim and cool boots you can actually walk in while you’re here (cobblestone, ice & snow will destroy your heels and most likely an ankle). top with a fedora or cashmere beanie and you’re ready for lunch or dinner and shopping on mill street. *i LOVE go for a stacked chunky heel if you must...


aspen locals do not dress provocatively. it’s more about showing off your form than your skin. sexy is showing a firm bum in denim or great arms in a tank top....locals aren't choosing the less clothing on is more option. that said, fitness is one of the most important values/goals here, and with endless options for hiking, biking, yoga (mountaintop from shakti shali is a must), pilates, barre, and more, aspen is one of the few places you may visit and actually lose weight. cheers to that! or, with our great food (bosq, cache cache & meat & cheese are musts), you may just break even on the calories burned vs calories room for one more cocktail to toast this amazing town.


whether you’re here for vacation, business or looking for a permanent place to escape, live, love & let go to celebrate the bohemian spirit of the natural beauty, fresh air and incredible local cuisine with expressive style that shows reverence for color, texture, and the free-spirited feeling of being in the mountains away from city life.


enjoy your trip.


here are my favorite #onlyaspen items for mastering local style. and, today thru august 5 use code: aspen and you'll get 15% off these items on-line. shop here 




  • Brooke: July 31, 2016

    Well said, I agree with all your recommendations and of course love your clothing options! Xo

  • Kristin Yeary: July 31, 2016

    What a great blog from Souchi! Great advice on how to come to Aspen and fit in with the locals! I also love that you did a shout out to lots of great local shops/restaurants!

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