honey and sap classics...........

i love pulling out some souchi classics and wearing with new style jeans to see how they hold up...i think they do. i used to wear the abigail cowl neck with my boot cut jeans in the 90's and the teresa vest was on constant rotation with skinny jeans. so to see them paired together with the new nicolette high waist, wide leg, crop jean  made me happy. and, it made me steal another abigail from the store.
the nicolette's are so soft, stretchy and feel amazing which means they'll be a fave soon enough. 
and my fave new bangles are the perfect combo. 
the pin tuck detail down the legs is fun and reminds me of the 70's. 
souchi vests are just so easy to wear. leave open and loose or wrap, tie or tuck. the drape is nice and adds an extra layer without the bulk
for spring the nicolette's would look great with the nancy v-neck in gold is a spring favorite in our light weight cotton cashmere blend. add, the giada forte gold snake skin pouch bag and it's a great day.
you get the point....honey, gold, ginger, natural colors are beautiful. so, start your shopping with a leather backpack, shades (available in store), giada leather and ribbon belt, jewelry and arm warmers.

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