high waist denim and a souchi hoodie.......

yes, it took a while for people to want high waist again but now you do. here's the thing....there can be movements & trends but it doesn't mean you have to stop wearing what you love. it just means, don't get in a rut - no matter how cool your rut may be....trying something new is always a good idea. i still wear some of my low waist jeans, i just wear them differently to keep them looking modern.
these elio jeans from rachel comey are one of my fave high waist jeans. she just does pants & jeans really well. 
krewe shades, a bandana worn in your hair and a backpack scream day off. add in the gorgeous creed hoodie and you've got a great look. here it's shown in the beautiful stone melange color. the white backpack is gone but we do have it in stock in a pretty brick...shown here. the pretty elwha keta earrings are a pretty pair for all your spring/summer styles.
the creed hoodie has a drop shoulder, 3/4 sleeve, drawstring at neck opening and slim through the waist so you can tuck it in if you like. and, if you're not a hoodie fan (why???) then try creed's sister....the kimonwing....same shape but with a banded neckline instead of a hoodie.

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