have a nice day.........

well if this doesn't give you a nice day....there's just nothing i can do.
i'm a believer that a t-shirt really is a necessity in every woman's closet. solid & graphic tees are always needed. they are always the answer to the constant question about buying something outside your box... 'but what will i wear with it?'
so, the lola tee that says 'have a nice day' was todays answer to the quinlan pant in zebra print. these pants are so crazy that i decided to get a lil inspo from carrie bradshaw & the ladies at absolutely fabulous. adding tons of playful accessories balanced by the gig boots. ridiculously fun.
the paris fur jacket gives us carrie vibes with this wacky print pants and t-shirt. gotta love the petey snake print cross body pouch.
the classics can be the answer to something new & different. so, play and try something new.
krewe shades (available in store only)

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