hand knit fur....ethically produced...yes please.......

i've never really been into fur. i'm a california girl so never really a need. that being said i was also never into a puffer....and, now living in aspen where i am freezing in the winter i have come to like both. but, fur has alway been hard as i'm an animal lover. so, when i found bubish i was happy. ethically produced fur at ridiculously low prices i had to try it out.
the valencia fur cardi in light grey is a great pic for denim. i love how casual this color can be. i paired it with the 90's wash baker jeans and the alanis patent leather combat boot. i think the washed denim and taupe patent boots are a soft choice with the pale grey valencia.
90's bakers, tomoko t & the dylan bag (sold out but we do have the jackie in the same color). and, pretty hoop earrings from de la forge.
and, no outfit is mine unless there's a hat. so the brown cow wakefield hat that mimics the split leap earring and gym sweater was an easy choice.
laid back luxury.

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