purple reigns.....

purple reign......
yes, i love color....sometimes it can be a lot but other times you just want to go crazy with print and color. here, a way to explode with color but keeping the color story clear.
fuschia, purple, black, grape and print.....perfect
details in harmony:
cashmere & cotton fringe poncho with lycra print turtleneck dress and a hot pink leather bag.
up close details of our favorite leather combat boot with fold down to reveal shearling lined. and, a souchi staple cashmere head scarf in currant.
this bag.....don't you just love the color and the simplicity is perfect with anything.
for a more playful look we love it with this one of a kind vintage denim jacket with paint splatters and removable fur collar.
for a more rocker vibe i'd add tights, a beret and this jacket.

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  • yxpcdmgfus

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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