for the holidays....sequin pants....

you know that item that you LOVE but you think or say....would i wear this? how do i wear this? i should spend my money on something practical?
ok, TRUTH BE TOLD i have never said or asked that. i tend to gravitate towards things that just make me happy. when all else fails, the philosophy of 'wear it with a cashmere sweater or tee' has always worked.
but, these pants are so crazy cool AND practical because they work with anything.
 i love the contrast black waist band. jamie is tall (i am not) so i got a bit happy with all that length and decided a tank, crop cashmere sweater and souchi cashmere poncho was the way to go. and, because she's got sass i figured pop on a fox collar and hand made glass necklace (call store 970-925-2580). yep, she's ready for the holidays. they also looks pretty with a classic cashmere crew neck sweater.
the pants are a gorgeous petrol color that can go grey or green. perfection. with that much shine you need shades.
for day add a rugged boot. for night? i'd do it up with some crazy heels and textured tights or socks.
for day, i also love it with this long sleeve tee & cropped hoodie (comes in black and grey - in store) and these sneakers.
happy holidays

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