for the holidays....festive fun and a whole lot of legs

holidays mean lots of parties. and, that means a lil more fun. 
this sparkle mini is a great choice. 
ok, so we are loving the socks and heels trend that's happening. so, we pulled burgundy fishnet socks to go with these pink suede and chenille suede strappy heels. however, it is december so if you need tights i'd suggest a fun color or texture.
when wearing a super short mini, i like an oversize sweater. the wilkins is a yummy boxy crop sweater that looks great layered. i love the mixture of silk, sparkle and cashmere. it's also great over a slip dress like this if you want less leg showing
add a cashmere beanie and you're ready. this sweater, and gorgeous hand dyed silk cami also look great with jeans. we love it with a high waist straight leg denim or the starlet in darkest charcoal. yes, they're low waisted but the cami is long enough to cover the mid section. the cropped leg on both these jeans allow for the pink frisky heels and socks.
so, get on that peloton or come to aspen to've got legs to show off.
happy holidays

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