faux leather, cashmere slub and a dog...........an awesome day

easy dressing:
faux leather legging, cashmere tunic, oversize bag and black boots
yep, it's that easy. 
and, if you want to elevate then add an awesome hat.
the jackie fringe cross body bag looks great as a shoulder bag too. souchi's long sleeve mock neck in cashmere slub is heaven. 6ply cashmere that is so soft and nubby that you'll not want to take it off. the benning hat adds a great pop of color.
we love this mock neck sweater so much that we do it in solid and variegated. also, in bracelet sleeve.
the mock neck has a roll top that we love because it's not tight and warm enough i don't need a scarf. love.
and, if you can manage a pup that matches your wardrobe and makes you smile this big well....it's an awesome day.

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