fall dress for winter.......

i am in love with this dress
it's a piece i would wear year round which is always a plus. because, when you love something you really want it to see it often :)
for fall/winter i styled it with multiple layers.
here with enza costa rib strappy spaghetti strap catsuit for a lean, yet, warm look. these zim knee high leather boots are my fave knee high boot of the season. i love the black leather contrasted against the chocolate heel. the fitted foot, curved heel and then the shaft of the boot lies perfectly between a slouch and slim boot. love.
and, the go go cross body bag is perfect because it's in a dark chocolate with black stitching so you get that smokey in between color. it's not as harsh or serious as black but then more dressy than most chocolate bags. 
the full kimono sleeve that drapes just below the elbow. so flattering and just screaming for a cuff.....i am currently obsessing on this one from elliott yeary gallery. dream big i always say. 
add, a fur collar for a bit of luxe for evenings.
how much do you love these constellation earrings? they are light weight, feminine and the way they curve is beautiful. love.
loving the vintage vibe so adding a bobble beret brought some charm.
now, if you want some ideas for how to wear in the warmer months try these:
put away the bobble beret and fur collar and instead add a cool, ornate, single feather earring
lose the catsuit and instead add a cami from enza costa 
instead of boots i think sneakers or these great sandals

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