end of summer blues.....

the end of summer brings a bit of the blues. SO, how to bring some happiness to the end of summer? an awesome summer dress that is on sale! the tuilleries dress is just beautiful. relaxed fit with a drawstring at waist to wear as loose or as cinched as you like. today i styled it for a casual weekend. 
layers of mango wood bangles and the camo petey bag. sorry this gorgeous bag is sold out.
layers and shades of blue cotton, leather, wood & flip flops. if you haven't seen theses bangles and hoops check them out in our aspen store. they are made out of mango wood and so light weight. we are in love.
if you want to dress the tuilleries up then i'd add the pippa leather woven mule (also on sale!) and the rachel comey split leap earrings.
if it's getting a lil cooler then how about the albany navy jean with white top stitching (also on sale!) and the souchi rib riley with hand stitching. giovanna torrico's cobalt sequin earrings. love.
navy and pale sky blue is a great end of summer color combo. the howard cotton cardi and finzi tank are both fun and practical. and, the finzi tank is on sale. the chilla hoop earrings in white and krewe shades. sorry but this beautiful larsen leather wallet is sold out.

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