early spring style.............

april usually means the excitement of spring, sunshine & outdoors. however, we are experiencing something we couldn't have imagined 6 months ago. so, more time indoors and quick, safe trips outdoors for some vitamin d, food, and a lil escape. for me, i am getting dressed everyday: hair, makeup, cute outfit and when i have to go outdoors i grab cool, fun accessories. yes, i now latex gloves and bandana or scarf as a mask. but, this is already so strange and sad and scary that if looking cute for myself can make me smile then i'm all for it. i will take any smile i can these days.
todays look: amo's babe jean, souchi sasha cardi (sorry sold out but check out the new spring style 'janey'), benning hat (sorry sold out but we do have the navy prescott in straw) & lil kate backpack.
when wearing grey's and blues with denim i love a pop of color. so, the samantha blouse in pumpkin with grey, blue and a touch of lilac florals is beautiful. the lil kate leather backpack with affection earrings and the cleo heel is the perfect contrast to your denim. yep, a lil bradshaw inspo.
if you are keeping it casual and cute (not sweats) then i love a faded pair of jeans like amo's diy charmer or layla jeans with souchi's fletcher rib sweater & a pair of sneakers. and, i'm always a fan of rachel comey's earrings. whether they match or not you want and need to wear them. 
stay safe. stay home. stay healthy.
and, support small business if you can.

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