dresses over denim.....how can you make that work.......

so, what do you think of this trend of dress over jeans?
back in the 90's in art school i did this but the dresses were above the knee. 
i think the look on the left is perfect. proportions of jeans, tulle skirt & heels is spot on. it's fun, flattering and fresh.
image on the left i think misses the mark. all elements are cool separately but not together. 
it's a matter of shape, cut & scale. so try a few jeans with your look and see what works best.
again, it's choosing the right dress & jeans.
i love the cropped, faded wide leg jeans with a white shirt dress. this look works because the dress unbuttoned acts more as a jacket. add in some 'tough' masculine accessories make this work.
these looks were interesting. 
the image on the left i love the accessories & color combo. however, i feel like the jeans should be more fitted up at the waist/hip. if the jeans were more fitted in that area it would look less bulky in the mid section and more flattering.
image on the right i like because it's denim on denim which is hard to get right & here leandra did. the scale of dress, jacket and jeans is long, lean and slimming. 
new girl gang of dresses and jeans. what i like about these are that they are just going for this trend..... i don't really love any of them BUT i love that they are playing and trying it. if i was to re-style these i would:
girl on left switch jeans with girl in the middle & tie up the red draping on her dress. and, trade out the pink puffy shirt for a white t-shirt.
girl in the middle i think because she's choosing a loose & oversized dress with a crop jean you should add a high heel bootie to add some height & femininity. i like this or this
girl on the right has chosen a longer looser jeans and a relaxed straight cut shirt dress. so, in this case, i would roll up the sleeves to 3/4's and add a great cuff like this & switch shoes out to a masculine flat & add a hat like this.
check out the new trends and pick & pull from them what you like. it's fashion and you are meant to play.

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