designer spotlight: episode 6............marian paquette

i was gifted a marian paquette bag from dear friends last year and fell in love. i had to have them for my new boutique in charleston. each delivery i fall more and more in love with them. this is truly a designer where you will end up owning many. the quality is impeccable. the fabrics are unique and gorgeous. the styles timeless. i love how they can elevate a look so easily. these bags sell out quickly and right now we're low on stock with more styles arriving next month so be sure to check in again soon. enjoy the interview with designer, marian paquette.
1) when did you begin the marian paquette collection?
i launced marian paquette in 2011.
2) has your vision changed over the years?
yes. i am exploring the idea of integrating an accessories line into the collection.
3) please describe a typical designing day.
my day begins with stopping by our retail store reviewing and working with customers. i then work my way to our offices upstairs and work on current production and operations. i am constantly on the lookout for new fabrics and ideas to add to my future collections.
4) what is your favorite bag....currently?
i would have to say the liette which was named for my mother. this is our top seller and is the handbag we offer in the most color and fabric options. 
  5) fashion is trying to move towards sustainability. what are you doing in that direction?
actually that's how my business started! my goal was to use remnants as much as possible in our home collection. we continue to use recycled goods when shipping and focus on being a green/sustainable business.
6) i love the colors and fabrics you use. it's a party for your eyes. how do you decide which shape gets what print or fabric?  
the repeat of the design dictates which handbag we create for our collections. our objective is to have minimal waste. note from suzi: i would LOVE to see some patchwork bags from marian!
7) is there a fabric or color you wouldn't use?
black usually isn't a great performer for us. however, our susan mohair is the exception. note from suzi: the black liette bag above that we have is a stunner!  
8) any plans to expand into more product categories? i see wallets, eye glass cases and most certainly home decor!
our goal is to expand our current home collection further and fully release that line by 2023.
9) lastly, what would you like my customers to know about you?
i am a self taught handbag maker. i am constantly sourcing vintage chains for our collections and always looking for unique textiles from around the world.

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