designer spotlight episode 4: yvone leon

if you know me you know i am a ridiculous lover of animals. and, you may be one of the few who know about my cheetah encounter. and, that led to how i found the incredibly talented yvonne leon. when i decided to move to charleston from aspen i decided i wanted to carry fine jewelry. not a lot but to be very selective and focus on what i love about jewelry. yvonne's work is stunning, cool & campy with a bit of controlled chaos. and, it always puts a smile on my face.
please meet yvonne....
1) you have had an incredible career in fashion doing so many things. why & when did you decide to open your business? does the original concept still hold true to the reality of now being in it?
since a young age, i bathed in the world of jewelry due to my father. it was natural for me to follow in my family's footsteps and create my own brand of jewelry. but, with my own inspiration and style. nowadays it is still the same original concept, that we keep trying to update
2) please describe a typical day in the life for you:
i arrive the office at 10am after i picked up some pieces from our workshop in paris for special orders. as soon as i arrive my colleagues & i check our to do lists for the day and start to work. every day is a new day & no two are ever the same.
3) i am a new fan of your collection because it makes me happy. the quality, humor and design are fun & pretty at the same time. what inspires your designs?
i always try to keep in mind originality & colors so that i can create  pieces we don't see everywhere. but, always with a fun & colorful touch.
4) do you design with someone in mind? real or imagined?
maybe with my  mum & my grandmother in mind. i sometimes get inspired by jewelry they had a long time ago that i remember from my childhood. 
5) fashion is trying to move in a more sustainable way. what is your company doing to move in that direction?
we try to save paper & print only when absolutely necessary.
6) please name one task you absolutely would never delegate to someone else.
designing and creating is my favorite task and i will never give that to someone else!
7) if you could pick any human to wear your jewelry who would it be & which piece? details please!
i would probably pick catherine deneuve as she is one of the most iconic french women she is a strong & liberal woman. i want women to purchase their own pieces of jewelry. therefore, i would not pick for her. 
suzi's note: i LOVE that yvonne chose catherine! and, so i'll choose the new cuff & ring and imagine her wearing it in the iconic and must see film 'belle du jour'.
8) how is the french market different from the american market?
i guess the french market is different than the american market due to the way they want to purchase. in america, women buy most of the time big diamonds, big pieces of jewelry...statement pieces. in france, people are buying jewelry in order to match with their outfits, style & it's more fashion jewelry pieces.
9) lastly, what would you like my customers to know about you?
 only, that if the customers are happy with my pieces and love what they purchase then i'm happy. i create pieces to make me smile. 
i want to give you a chance to have a piece from yvonne. so for one day only (december 22) you can get 15% off our collection by
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