some days you dress as alternate personality right? i mean it can't just be me who does this. i blame it on the tv series yellowstone. who knew but i am OBSESSED with that show. so, i got my mountain cowgirl vibe on with some of my favorite designers: forte forte, freda salvador, amo & rawtus.
a cat bandana tied at the neck and a silver, turquoise and leather belt worn over a full skirt with long sleeve rib crop top and leather cardigan.
the bandana is easily pulled up and worn as a mask during the covid era. mixing an matching metals.
since the ace woven booties i was wearing in the pic above were from last spring i am giving you the updated option of the ace in the cheetah print (love). if you like the nude look of the boot above then try freda's alanis boot which is on sale! and, the annika bag from cindy kirk. this color is sold out but i do have a gorgeous honey color.  and, the souchi wilkins sweater.

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