cotton sale sweater......part 1

ivory. cream. vanilla.
a crew neck cable knit sweater is a closet necessity. it can be worn year round and christina lehr's birch sweater it that sweater. and, in cotton it is on sale. a steal in fact and with the cables i wear mine year round.
i love these colors head to toe and with a lil texture & fun accessories. these are the rachel comey harlan jeans from about 2 or 3 years ago. i love them. this season she did the montegro and i love them too. and, we've got 2 left on sale. the birch sweater is great because it's slightly cropped but boxy so it's cute tucked into high waist pieces. i like the back to be untucked for more movement. the wakefield hat is so cool and i especially like it with natural shades.
i love a wide leg jean even though i am quite short. these boots are rachel comey. i ordered the sandal version for the store. they are so pretty and comfy. and, just so happen to be on sale.

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