coffee dreams.......

coffee dreams.....
the color block wesson cashmere hoodie cardigan with attached scarf and patched pockets is making me reconsider my distaste for coffee. i mean mocha, latte, espresso all the colors fused into one sweater. and, a lil mole arm warmers well...maybe i'm thinking about chocolate instead of coffee.
adding the nimas pant from rachel comey are just so cool. i love the retro pattern as it plays with the wesson cashmere hooded cardigan.
we make the wesson in solid color too. it's a great cardi.
dressing up the nimas pant are super easy to dress up. here i added the paris fur jacket, abigail cashmere cowl neck sweater, krewe shades, delmano earrings, wakefield fedora, julianna two tone arm warmers and the bristol boot

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