closet idea......have to make it happen....

the definition according to webster's:
1a) an apartment or small room for privacy
b) a monarch's or official's private chamber
2) a cabinet or recess for especially china, household utensils, or clothing
3: a place of retreat or privacy
i love these descriptions. mostly, i like the idea of a retreat and an apartment.
have you ever dreamed of the perfect closet? i never thought about designing one.... more like 'i wish i had more room, or i wish i had a rack or shelf for this or that. 
so, i got to work and here's my idea of a dream closet:
1) i want 2 closets. no, i don't mean 2 rooms, or 2 locations. i mean one large rectangular shape room with walls that spin. why? well, because i live in aspen and we really do have seasons. and, it is a pain to have to pack up a season or twos clothes and store. i want walls to spin so that the current season spring/summer & fall/winter. this way, things are always hanging (no need for steaming or unpacking). plus, on those indian summer days in october when you need to look fall but it's feeling summer. these walls are perfect because you can just spin your sweater wall around and pull from the other season. yes, i even impressed myself with this idea. i haven't seen it done so somebody, please do this!
2) so the inspiration board above is my spring/summer closet. i love the idea of my environment setting a mood. and, these moroccan chandeliers in varying shapes hanging in a cluster as a big chandelier. summer vacation vibes every day. these are from arhaus
3) wide plank white wash floors...hopefully aged. that way i don't have to worry about my heels scuffing perfectly polished floors. i can't live like that!
4) all walls, shelving, ceiling, etc painted in this chalk white. it's the perfect shade with or without natural sunlight. plus, it helps show the true color of garments.
5) 100% shag style wool rug with tasseled edging. i would want to order this custom so that a large portion of the center floor is covered.
6) huge lounger from olli. love it in the acid yellow. this is where i want to hang out reading magazines & fashion books or blogs. 
7) a few poufs scattered around for quick shoe changes
8) one large floor to ceiling mirror. i don't like a bunch of mirrors. i like one...preferably seamless.
9) a rustic shelving system with ladder. this is where i would stack all my magazines, art books & fashion books. i like the off white because generally these types of books have beautiful covers. i would love seeing all that color and texture bouncing off the shelves. kinda like the racks of clothes.
what do you think?

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