champagne and stencil art.......

sometimes you just need to buy something that you have no idea what you're going to wear them with. and, these boots were exactly that for me. ivory canvas with stencil art. come on! you know i had to have them. and, when one (ok, me) doesn't know what to do....champagne!
so, i paired these gorgeous boots with champagne. this kes skirt is so good i had to have in 2 colors. the champagne is so pretty. i picked the enza costa military u tank in a butter cream color to play off the ivory canvas of the boots. the jacket is from a few years ago that i had at the store. what makes it even more amazing is that it's reversible. the flip side is a soft pink. 
 tons of bangles as it's hard for me not to hear that jingle. a pale lavender straw fedora and pretty necklace. this one is from a few years ago and they don't make this one anymore. but, this one is similar. 
zipped up and ready for the day. champagne and sketches are a great start.
i also love the skirt with sand and taupe because it then looks like a beautiful platinum.
patent leather combat boots
deborah rice long necklace

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